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Comments Page

If you have any comments or opinions on the situation of the United States
and it's position with it's Strategic Forces, I'll post them here as long as they
within reason and do not have to be censored.  Send them to me via the
"Name This Missile" form on the Monthly Quiz page or use my email link.
(Please be constructive and courteous with your remarks.  If things get out of hand, 
I will have to discontinue this part of the web site.)

(This comment concerns the Peacekeeper Missile System)     March 6, 1999
Joe "Scooby" Dang - No doubt the most capable and precise ICBM in the world.
                                   (despite Missileer's loyalty to the Titan)  :). The incredible CEP
                                   of the Mk-21 MIRVs/PBV, it is amazing we can even consider
                                   decommissioning.  How can we have an actual land based 
                                   strategic deterrence when there are no MIRVs in our ICBMs???