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    About Me    

My call sign is "Missileer".

In December, 1981, I enlisted in the United States Air Force.
After my completion of basic training and  2 technical training schools,
I was Assigned to the 390 Strategic Missile Wing,
571 Strategic Missile Squadron, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ
as an LGM-25C Titan II ICBM Missile Facilities Specialist (Operations).
For those of you who do not understand military terminology, I was a
 "Nuclear Missile Launch Crew Member".
Yes I was one of those guys who held the destiny of the world at his
finger tips.
In December, 1983, the 571 SMS was deactivated in accordance
with then President Ronald Reagan's United States
Strategic Arms Modernization Program
After the deactivation of the 571 SMS, I was assigned to the 570 SMS.
In March 1984, I was retrained and reassigned to the 380 Avionics Maintenance
Squadron, Plattsburgh AFB, NY, where I finished my enlistment.
I received an Honorable Discharge from the United States
Air Force in December, 1985.

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