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 The End Of An Era 

This section covers a little bit of the history of the Titan II missile system and
the deactivation of the 390 Strategic Missile Wing, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ.

    The photos on the following pages were taken for a
    memories album that members of the 390 SMW
    Davis-Monthan AFB, were able to purchase
    before being transferred to other duty assignments.
    Most of the photos are "Deactivation" photos and
    "Construction" photos.  If you prefer, "Before" and
    "After" photos. This memories album I am referring
    to was called "Reset-Shutdown".  It not only covered
    the deactivation of the 390 SMW, it also gave the
    history of the 390th as a Bombardment Wing.  The
    photos in the following pages are a mix of black/white
    and colored photos.
    Here is a little history on the 390 Strategic Missile Wing.

    The 390 Strategic Missile Wing was activated on
    1 January, 1962.  The 570 Strategic Missile Squadron
    and the 390 Missile Maintenance Squadron were the first
    units activated in the 390 SMW on the same date.  The
    570 SMS was declared "Operational" on 13 June, 1963.
    It was also the first operational Titan II squadron in the
    United States Air Force.  The first missile for the 570 SMS
    arrived at Davis-Monthan AFB on 27 November, 1962.
    It was installed at Missile Complex 570-2.  It was turned
    over to Strategic Air Command control on 31 March, 1963
    and became the first operational Titan II missile site in
    the 390 SMW.

    The 571 Strategic Missile Squadron was activated
    on 1 May, 1962.  It was declared "Operational
    on 1 December, 1963.  That same day the
    390 SMW was declared "Operational" and became
    the first operational Titan II missile wing in the United
    States Air Force.  It was then assigned to 12th Air
    Division, 15th Air Force, Strategic Air Command.
    Thus began the 20 plus years of critical strategic alert.
    The 571 SMS was deactivated on 2 December, 1983,
    with the 570 SMS following shortly after in 1984.
    The 390 SMW was deactivated in late 1984, thus
    ending  it's "Cold War" vigilance.

    Wing Mission - "To Maintain and Be Prepared to Launch
                             Titan II Missiles on Lawful Order."
     Wing Motto - "Non Nobis Solum"
                           ( Not For Ourselves Alone).

     If you wish more indepth information on the Titan II system,
     go to my links page and click the Titan II Web Site.  It has
     a lot of detailed information and diagrams of a Titan II
     missile complex on it.

All the missile sites were dismantled and destroyed in the deactivation of the 390 SMW
with the exception of one.  It was Missile Complex 571-7, located in Green Valley.
The community officials developed a proposal to preserve the missile site for posterity.
It was turned over to the Pima County Air Museum, Tucson, AZ  by the United States
Air Force and the 390 SMW to preserve the proud heritage of the 390 SWM.
Tours are conducted daily through this missile complex as part of the museum.

Titan II Specs

    Length: Stage1 and Stage 2 - 96 feet
                  RV-14 feet
                  Missile- 110 feet
    Width:   Stage 1 and Stage 2 - 10 feet,  RV - 8 1/3 feet
    Weight: Without Propellants - 14,595 lbs.
                  Fully Loaded - 330,000 lbs.
    Thrust:  Stage 1 Engine - 430,000 lbs.  (at sea level)
                  Stage 2 - 100,000 lbs.  (at 250,000 feet)
    RV:        MK6/W53
                   Fuel - Aerozine-50
                   Oxidizer- Nitrogen Tetroxide (N2O4)