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    Missile Links    

This is just a couple links to some really great missile web sites.
If you are looking for information on the history of nuclear missile systems,
these are the sites to go to.
I will try to add more links here as I find them.

Titan II ICBM Web Page - This is a great web site on the Titan II missile system.  It has a lot of good
                                          info, pictures and construction diagrams on it.  Also, if you're an ex-Titan
                                          crew member it has a list of ex-Titan people and their email addresses.
                                          This site has a lot of good links to other missile web sites.
                                          Check it out!  You may find some old friends there.

SILO WORLD - This site is owned and maintained by SILO MAN.  It's a great web site.  It has a lot
                           of information on not only Titan II, but Atlas, Titan I, Minuteman I, II, and III.
                           I help him out with pictures and information on the deactivation of the Titan II
                           system at Davis-Monthan AFB.  He's always looking for information.  So if
                           you can help him out, send him an email through his web site.  This site has a lot of
                           good links to other missile web sites.

Association of Air Force Missileers - This web site is for any former Missileer, who wants information
                                                        on how to join this organization.  It has information on reunions
                                                        for various missile units that are still active or deactivated..  It
                                                        has a lot of good missile web site links on it, too.

The High Energy Weapons Archive - This web site has a large amount of information and picutres on
                                                         history of nuclear weapons testing, not only for the United States,
                                                         but for countries that have performed any type of nuclear
                                                         weapons testing.

Abandoned Missile Silo VR Tour - This web site has a lot of recent pictures from missile silos that the
                                                     Unites States Air Force deactivated but did not destroy.  Most of
                                                     tour is in an old Atlas or Thor missile silo, if I remember correctly.
                                                     Please make sure you read the warning on the opening page of this
                                                     web site!

Tucson Online- The Titan Missile Museum - This web site gives you all the information you need to
                                                                   go visit The Titan Missile Museum in Tucson, AZ.  The
                                                                   museum is the former Complex 571-7.

The Titan Missile Museum - This web site has some good pictures from a tour of the Titan Museum.
                                           Most of the pictures are of the Topside area and Control Center Level 2.

 U.S. Naval Observatory - This site has some neat things about the observatory itself.  If you want to
                                         hear the U.S. Naval Observatory Clock, click the link below.  It requires
                                         Real Audio Player to listen to it.      U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clock